The Last Girl
Author: Kitty Thomas
Publisher: Burlesque Press
Length: 44210 words
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Rating: 5 of 5 kinks!

Review by Bianca Sommerland:

“Are you going to kill me?”
“Probably, at some point.”

Not exactly your typical exchange between lovers, but if you want typical, you don’t read Kitty Thomas. The Last Girl is not a romance for those who need a bit of fluff after a hard day, it’s a story of obsession, of twisted passion, that pushes the limits of sanity. I use the word ‘romance’ with a bit of a knowing smirk, because it’s not what is accepted by those diehard fans of the genre. But it does have a something of a Happily Ever After . . . depending how you look at it.

For six years, nightmares plagued Juliette, nightmares of her first meeting with Christian. As a thirteen year old girl, she was spared when he invaded her home, but somehow, she always knew he’d come back for her. What she didn’t know was that he’s been watching her all this time, keeping her pure for when he decided to claim her. When he decides she’s ‘ripe’, the illusion of freedom is shattered. He takes her as his pet and the life she’s known is over. She will now be used in any way that amuses him until she is broken. Which might take awhile. If he’s careful.

Needless to say, Christian isn’t a nice guy. Actually, it’s his complete lack of empathy that makes him such an unlikely hero, frightening and repulsive, and yet so strangely appealing, all at once. He is brutal and cruel and never apologizes for the terrible things he does to Juliette. His selfishness knows no ends. And yet I felt myself drawn to him as surely as Juliette was, becoming enamored with the horror. From one moment to the next I would cringe, and then I’d sigh because it ended too soon and I wanted more.

The sex scenes aren’t what you’d expect from erotica, but something about the psychological games surrounding them make them even more carnal and raw then endless descriptions of body parts and juicy bits. I find with a lot of Ms Thomas’ novels, if you get turned on, there’s some guilt to it, as though you’re naughty—maybe even a little depraved, for being turned on.

But I already know I’m depraved. ;)

Many novels with vampires contain heroines that react with surreal courage, facing down the monster in a way that’s applauded as brave but is actually stupid. Part of why I loved Juliette as a heroine is because she wasn’t the standard Barbie-slash-Rambo cut out doll that’s gotten disgustingly cliché. She’s a normal girl who deals with her captivity in a way that I found refreshingly realistic.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes their heroes a little scary and their love stories a little dark. And fans of Kitty Thomas—you won’t be disappointed.

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As the writer of Deadly Captive and Deadly Captive: Collateral Damage, Bianca Sommerland knows a bit about dark erotic romances.  For more information about her and the books she has written, visit her website.