The-Journal_L_Honeywell_D_XavierPlease help me welcome Liv Honeywell and Domitri Xavier to our little corner of the net today.  They were nice enough to sit down with me and talk about their new book The Journal which came out on July 12th.  Be sure to keep reading after the interview for more information on where you can find The Journal and for the giveaway!!

Now that we’ve gotten the formalities out of the way, Hi Liv and Domitri.  Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the net. We’re so glad you decided to sit down and chat with us. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself in case the readers haven’t met you before?

We’re very happy to be here and thank you for having us :). We write BDSM erotica, both together and separately and tend to focus on Master/slave relationships, though that doesn’t mean that it’s all deadly serious and without humour!

The Journal released on July 12th.  What can you tell us about it?  You know, other than that it’s fabulous. :)

The Journal is a BDSM erotica tale about what happens when a slave does something absolutely forbidden and her Master finds out.

Here is the back cover copy:

“Come to my study at eight o’clock sharp. Dress for dinner. Wear high heels and put on that dress – you know what I expect of you.”

When the order comes Livia is torn between anticipation and dread.

Does he know? How could he possibly know what she has done? And how can she find the words and the courage to tell him?

As eight o’clock edges ever nearer, Livia waits outside the study door, trembling; uncertain of what she will find when she comes face to face with her Master.

If he knows… If he does, there will be consequences. There is no doubt about that.

What will be the price for her moment of disobedience?

Is this book part of a series? If yes, how does it tie into the other books in the series/planned in the series?

Liv: Yes it is. It’s the very first in Her Master’s Voice Series about a Master/slave relationship. Domitri writes beautiful poetry and each story is either based on or inspired by one of his poems. Each book will take us deeper into the developing relationship.

Domitri: Can somebody tell me what I’m doing here? I write the damn books and they’re all based on one of my poems. I’m not quite sure what Liv is doing here at all. She keeps stealing my bits to put into her bits and…

Liv: Oh here we go. So you admit then that there are actually parts of this that I’ve written?

Domitri: Tiny, trivial and inconsequential bits. And how dare you interrupt me? You should bless the miles that lie between us.

Liv: I do. Oh I do! Ye-es, as you can see, he’s got his big boy Domly pants on today.

Domitri: I’m not wearing pants today.

Liv: Soooo anyway, on that note, we’ll move on to the next question.

Domitri: There are more??

I could say something about your bits going into her bits, Domitri, but we’ll keep this semi on topic here :)  How about this, you can answer this next question first… What were some of the challenges or obstacles you encountered with writing this book?

Domitri: Liv!

Liv: Him! We’re kidding by the way. Well, I am.

Ok, well… Hm.  Since you both seem to agree on the challenges and obstacles with each other, what about the characters,  were any of them difficult to write?

Liv: I found it quite challenging writing the slave as there are experiences in the book which either I have never had or I have had but found difficult to deal with at the time. I learned so much about myself and so much about a Master/slave relationship by writing this book and by writing with Domitri.

What draws you to the BDSM genre?

Domitri: I am merely following through my natural inclinations.

Liv: Yes, he really is this much of a sadist in reality :P

Domitri: You better believe it.

Is there a kink, fetish, part of BDSM that interests you, that you’d like to write about, but haven’t yet? Are there areas you are uncomfortable with?

Domitri: Many of my fetishes are still to be written about and explored. I dislike some forms of BDSM and I simply wouldn’t incorporate them into anything that is authored by me.

Liv: I really want to write about knife play and luckily we’re going to get to do that in the next book, Shreds, but Domitri leads this series of stories so I can only follow what he writes and respond to it. We do that deliberately as if the stories were real, that is exactly how it would be for the slave, and for me, it helps me to get into the mindset and write it. There aren’t areas I’m uncomfortable with as such. I tend to be quite open minded about other people’s kinks, but I do have my own preferences and things that don’t really appeal to me to try.

Do you two have a specific writing process? Are you plotters or a pantsers?

Domitri: I write, Liv responds.

Liv: Yes, he’s pretty much summed it up there. I have no idea where the story is going until I get the next bit from him. It’s challenging to work like that but a lot of fun.

Do you have any interesting writing quirks?

Domitri: I write in silk pajamas using my personal assistant, Fifi de Manique, as a writing desk.

Liv: I have nothing to add to that. What could I possibly say to follow that!!

Um, Domitri, I think you just took the prize in the quirks category for best answer.  I’m almost afraid to ask this next question. HAHA  How do you deal with writer’s block?

Domitri: What is writer’s block?

Liv: Yes, he is not a man to run out of things to say. I can barely get a word in edgeways!

Domitri: And yet you seem to manage it.

Liv: Years of practice!

Domitri: And all for nothing.

What or who were your early influences? How did that lead you to write erotic romance/erotica?

Domitri: Byron, Keats and Shelley.

Liv: When I realised I was submissive, I read a lot of erotic fiction to find out what I would like to try. I read an awful lot of stories from Ellora’s Cave at the time and I still do. I started writing my own stories to explore what I wanted.

Domitri: Why use one word when ten will do?

What is the best part of being a writer? What is the most difficult part?

Domitri: The best part is using Fifi de Manique as a writing desk. The worst part is using Fifi de Manique as a writing desk! She does tend to squirm after prolonged periods of creative activity.

Liv: The best part is to get to create characters and a story that never existed before, and to hear that people really enjoyed reading it. The most difficult part is following His Domship there, when he writes a really difficult section and I’ve got to react to it!

Domitri: Poor you!

Strong characters, interesting plot, and steamy sex. While all three are important to a good erotic story, which one gets most of your attention while writing?

Domitri: Certainly all three, but the writing itself is the most important element of all.

Liv: *picks herself up off the floor after Domitri gave an actual serious answer* Yes, I’d agree with that. I don’t think you could have a decent erotic story at all without all three but the writing really has got to be good as well.

Let’s see if we can keep the serious answers going here… Other than writing, what are some of your passions in life?

Domitri: Classical music and flogging poor people.

Liv: Really? In a sudden and unexpected decision, I have, after that announcement, donated the last of my money to charity!

No, seriously. I love music too, though it’s usually a bit newer than what Domitri listens to. I love reading as much as I love writing and I can’t let this answer go by without mentioning chocolate!

Domitri: And I have to second the mention of chocolate.

**debates pointing out that she’s a poor subby blogger and would love a flogging…. nope, better move on.** Who are each of your biggest supporters?

Domitri: I say this with the greatest reluctance – Liv Honeywell.

Liv: Awww. He’s a sweetie really. And mine is definitely Domitri, and I’m not reluctant to say it at all.

Domitri: How sweet!

Liv: He loves me really, the great big softie.

Domitri: You might be made to regret calling me that!

What are your naughty pleasures? Besides Domitri’s Fifi de Manique writing desk.

Domitri: My life is a bacchanalian feast of naughty pleasures. How else is one supposed to spend one’s time?

Liv: Yeah, he lets me serve the wine. Obviously I’m thrilled!

HAHA!  What can readers expect next from you two?

We’re working on Shreds, the next in the Her Master’s Voice series, which involves a beautiful red silk dress being torn off very slowly!

Is there anything else that you would like us at KBR to know or that you would like your readers to know?

No writing partners were hurt or even ruffled a tiny bit in the making of this interview! ;)

Thank goodness!  Thank you guys so much for answering our questions.  It was a lot of fun and very interesting. :)

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When not writing about delicious, hot male dominants and the female subs who love them, I’m usually doing something craft-like, reading, baking, eating the results of said baking, and attempting to satisfy the demands of His High and Mighty Dominance (the cat!).

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Domitri Xavier comes from a rich heritage, including Russia, France and Yorkshire. He is the quintessential English gentleman and lives alone in his cavernous mansion, Upton Abbey.

Domitri is not only a writer, composer, pianist, raconteur, wit and poet, he also enjoys a number of hobbies; he breeds Basset Hounds, plays chess (although he has yet to record a victory) and he is a renowned collector of used tea bags – Earl Grey, naturally.

He fills his remaining time writing erotic fiction, much of it based on his own lifestyle at the Abbey.

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