Three Days of Dominance
Author: Cari Silverwood
Publisher: Loose ID
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Rating: 4 of 5 kinks!

Review by Penelope:
Danii, a beat cop in Australia, lives the quiet life. Her career gives her all the excitement she could ever want or need. One morning while taking a walk, she looses her neighbor’s dog finally finding him stranded on an island out on the lake. Enter Heketoro, tall dark stranger, who offers to retrieve the dog in exchange for a gift. Since Danii has always been afraid of water she considers it. To her surprise his request is for a gift of three days of sexual obedience culminating in a sacred ritual of love. Stranger yet is his explanation that he is a fae Prince cursed to a hundred year exile at which time he will die if he doesn’t open a portal to get back to his home. And the hundred years is up in three days.

Heketoro was convicted for a crime he committed with a hundred year curse of exile. To find his way home he must find someone strong enough to give over total control of sex with him for three days. And then survive the final sacred ritual. This will result in enough magical energy to open a portal to his world. All previous attempts have met with failure and injury. With one chance left he sees Danii as his last hope. Is she strong enough not to succumb to the hurdles that will be thrown her way?

This is the first book I have read by this fairly new published author. It’s a supernatural erotic romance that takes on the fae spectrum. Pretty straightforward story line with loads of spice thrown in to heat up the pages.  Heketoro is a well developed character.  I find myself feeling his desperation and loneliness. Danii comes across as a girl who wants more. Her character doesn’t settle well in believability because I just can’t get a reading on her core principals. While the scenes show increasing sexual based interludes the BDSM aspects are downplayed. There was more of a kink play focus with strong bondage emphasis. I liked the descriptive steamy sexual play and final ritual ceremony scene. The way the sexual energy is collected is a good touch.

The problems I had was following the underlying play. One part references that Heketoro had known of Danii a lot longer than he admitted to. And knew secrets about her which he didn’t share with her in a logical fashion. Also, the secondary characters left me with more questions than answers. In a positive light it seems that the author is setting them up for possible installments for a series format but for this book I’m not so sure of them. Lastly, my personal question that keeps going through my mind: why didn’t he give her another leaf to use if he was so concerned? All these will make sense if you read the book which I encourage. This author tells a juicy tale that will keep the reader’s attention til the end.