Author: Jianne Carlo
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Publisher: Loose Id
Length: ebook, 188 pages
Buy Links: Amazon, Loose Id

Rating: 3 of 5 Kinks!

Blurb: “I’m counting to ten and then I’ll start shooting,” Sheriff Gray White balanced a rifle on one shoulder and held a spotlight at eye level effectively blinding the perp.
“My name’s Sorcha McFadden, officer, and as you can see I’ve been skinny dipping,” his very naked, very sexy perp announced.
Stunned, White Wolf Gray can’t reconcile the nude, auburn-haired nymph, Sorcha, with his little sister’s childhood best friend. Especially when fate and his own body decree her his mate.
At thirteen, Sorcha watched Gray screwing Tonya Hazzard, the captain of the cheerleading team, from her perch in the hayloft. The image of his pumping hips invaded Sorcha’s every fantasy, propelled her every climax from that day forward.
They’re destined for each other, except… Sorcha doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but her life—as well as the answers to the mystery surrounding her parents’ murder-suicide fifteen years—earlier depend on it. Gray’s the only thing standing between her and certain death, but her grandmother’s last message was “Trust no one.” Does that include Gray?

Kitten’s Review:

This is a hard book for me to review. I can’t quite decide if I like this book, or if I hate it. When I scanned through my bookmarks, read my notes, I realized I feel somewhere in the middle. Because some of it I loved, it was new, fresh, and excited. Then there were parts I struggled to get through, and frankly didn’t understand.

When I started the book, I loved it so much that I grabbed the second one instantly. I really like Sorscha and Gray. It began with hot, steamy sex, and it developed really quickly. However, it started to lose flow and a bit of focus. Suddenly, we were smack in the middle of a murder mystery with a serial killer. Huh? I was confused. The plot shifted so dramatically that it was jarring and I had to take a break for a few days. I read a different book, and started again. It was interesting, the concept. Wolves that don’t shift but have all the instinct of the beast. Awesome, love it, it works for me.

I loved Sorscha! She was a strong female lead considering all she had been through in her life. And, although she slept with Gray right out of the gate, she didn’t fall hopelessly in love with him. I loved that about her. Her inner dialogue was very real, and believable. Gray, I started to dislike more and more. He just didn’t stay alpha enough for me. The ensemble of characters as a whole in the book were great. They weren’t cookie cutter, and you could pick them all out.

The murder was solved way to easy. The author did a great job of giving enough hints but not giving away the whole cow. The ending was very satisfying and worked very well for me.

I think the author lacked something in the telling of a murder mystery. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. Like I said, it was a good story, but I found it to be choppy and jarring at times. I would say very honestly to give this book a chance. It is the first in a series and the first book sometimes suffers from world building and info dump to get the reader immersed in the fantasy.